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My Plans for 2019

            2018 has been a reflective year for me because I was able to prove my resilience through my writings and my other creative projects. However, I realized that when it came to the literary market, I had a lot of reading to catch up on. Blogging about the books I enjoyed reading and sharing pictures of the literary events I attended have been a great experience, and I plan on continuing to do both in 2019. This means I’ll be doing more reading, posting, and sharing of the books I read. I’ll share more photos of the literary events I attend, too. I don’t want to say that I will post articles and reviews on my blog every week, but I will aim to post content a few times a month. And, I’ll be expanding my blog to include additional topics surrounding literature such as media adaptations and genres of literature that are not speculative fiction. 

Keep Up with My ARCs and Review Them On Time

            Last year, I joined NetGalley and volunteered to read books by authors for review on retail websites (i.e. Amazon, B&N, etc.). Now, I have not been able to keep track, read, and review all of the books I said I review last year (I still have to complete the ones I missed), but I plan on reviewing as many of those books on time. In addition, I’ve been in contact with authors and I agreed to read and to review their ARCs. Many of the stories I read and review are worth reading, and I said so to other readers. 

            I already started reading my ARCs for 2019 with plans of completing most, if not all, of them. Like I said, I’ll be reading, reviewing and sharing other genres of literature as well. I will continue to let you know whether or not those books are worth reading. Yes, I take requests and I will make time to read your ARCs if you ask me to. 

Keep Up with my Social Media Pages

            I’ve put more work and effort into my blog and my social media pages. This blog is running more actively, my Goodreads page gets updated daily, and my social media accounts are more active with more friends and more followers (I thank you all for your support). I have started a Patreon account, which I hope to get running within the next few weeks. I will keep up with all I mentioned earlier with the new content on a more regular basis. My hope is that this becomes more than what it is at its current state. 

Read 100 Books and Share Them on My Goodreads Page

            In 2018, I read 70 books—based on my Goodreads page—and I know that I read more than that amount. This is probably because the books I reviewed made it to all of my social media pages. Sometimes you read a book just for “fun,” or for a “quick read.” You don’t think of sharing every book you’ve read, but sometimes you forget to mention it at all to other readers. Because of Goodreads, I am aware of the benefits of sharing those reads with other readers such as: meeting new people, attending books events, and learning about more books. It’s not that I want to share ALL of the books I read on Goodreads, but I will definitely include more of the books I enjoy the most on my page!

Some of the Books I Plan on Reading

Books Released in 2018 that I did NOT get to read: Speculative Fiction

Graphic Novels I Need to Catch Up On

Noteworthy (and Completed) Trilogies

“Classic Works” of Speculative Fiction

ARCs & Sequels

Upcoming Releases

Titles that Piqued My Interest

YA Books I Want to Read

Non-Speculative Fiction Books

Non-Fiction Books

Let’s have fun reading together in 2019!

12 thoughts on “My Plans for 2019

  1. Anything by Laurell K Hamilton is excellent! If you like reverse harem and really smutty books I highly recommend the merry gentry series first. If you’re more of a urban fantasy with some smut type of person I’d say start with Anita Blake. However, Merry Gentry is a shorter series, compared to the 26 book and running Anita series, and Anita gets really smutty either way eventually. I cant wait to see which you start first and how you like it!

    1. I started both series a few years ago, but I guess I was too young at the time. I read, “Serpentine” when I received an ARC last summer, and now I want to read all of her books!

      1. You read the last book first? That had to have been confusing haha. I’ve been wanting to reread Merry Gentry (I do every year) and I’m thinking it might be something nice to reread while under the stress of moving Haha. Let me know how you like the books when you get to them haha

      2. The same thing happened to me with Seanan McGuire’s “Toby Daye” series, but the recaps within the narrative helped a lot. I’m good a picking up hints within stories!

      3. I havent read anything by her yet but I was going to try the first few books in her Kate Daniels series this year. Have you read anything by her? What do you think?

      4. I started with the “Hidden Legacy” series and I enjoyed the first 2 books! I want to read “Kate Daniels,” but I haven’t had the time.

      5. Hmmm…well good to know. I’ll let you know once I’ve started the Kate Daniels series what I think about it 😁

      6. I’m actually moving on Wednesday! Up until now it’s just been packing, packing, and more packing. Thank you though, I’m hoping it will go smoothly too haha

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