Pick a Number Reading Challenge

I’ll have to attempt this challenge sometime in the future!

Graceling Accountant

Hey Ya’ll!

So if you saw yesterday’s post you might have read that I basically created myself a monthly reading challenge. This challenge is a combination of Bookopoly and “My Family Member picks my TBR”. Basically I’ve created a list of challenges, and every month I pick (usually 2) family members to pick 3 numbers between one and thirty, which will correlate to various challenges to frame my TBR around. 

For me, choosing by challenge rather than giving myself strict book choices to read from is a LOT less pressure and I think will ultimately lead to me reading more. The purpose of this post is basically just to tell you guys about this challenge, and to list out the challenges I’m using each month in case it might help you guys to read more.

The Challenges

  1. Read a library book
  2. Read a book recently recommended on Youtube
  3. Read an…

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