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Books Released in 2021 I Did NOT Get to Read in 2021

I wasn’t sure whether or not I should do this topic at all, but I noticed other bookbloggers have been doing the same thing. And yes, that’s not a good reason to do something (I created a poll on Twitter), but then I remembered I was able to catch up on reading some of the series and/or standalone books I missed from 2020.

For example, I caught up and completed The Protectorate Trilogy by Megan E. O’Keefe and I read The Burning God by R.F. Kuang, which is the last book in The Poppy War Trilogy. So, for me I was able to finish a completed series (one released in the current year and the other one in the previous year) eventually. During the 1st half of 2021, I was on a time constraint (for reasons I won’t repeat here), but I was able to hit all of my reading goals by the end of the year.

I believe having reading goals is a huge help to completing our reading. Plus, if you have to, then you can alter them so your reading goals (or ANY goals) match your current lifestyle. However, I believe part of this topic is I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by my book stacks (not all of my books are in storage). I don’t expect to get to every book within 1 calendar year and I’m okay with that; but, it could be that until I read through the books I want to get to, then I will feel like I have to try to read everything at once, which I know is NOT a great idea at all.

I should mention this has nothing to do with my reviews. I’ve been able to write up the reviews on some of the books I’ve finished recently, and those reviews will be posted soon. I was always a faster reader than a writer, but that’s because I want to get all of my thoughts about a book written down.

Here are some of the many books I missed reading in 2021:

First Up, the Stack

I did NOT receive the majority of these books until towards the end of the year (I had to return the library books).

Series I Need to Catch Up On (that’s NOT in the previous photo)

In addition to The Liar’s Knot, The Bone Shard Emperor, and The Two-Faced Queen, I was very excited to read the latest book in Gareth Hanrahan’s series. Especially now it’s going to be a 5-book series instead of 4-books, I’m curious to learn how the author’s expansion will alter his series.

Series that Concluded in 2021 I Still Need to Complete

I read at least the 1st book in each series. I haven’t had the chance to finish these, but I know I will eventually.

Children’s & Young Adult Books I Wanted to Read in 2021, But Did NOT

Not Pictured: Wings of Ebony, Bad Witch Burning and The Reckless Kind.

I’m NOT avoiding these books (I read and enjoyed The Gilded Ones), I just didn’t get to read them yet.

Standalone Novel I Really Wanted to Read

1st in a New Series

This is a historical (fantasy?) fiction duology(?) which was recommended to me by Forge Books. Its description reminds of some of my favorite recent historical fantasy books, so I really want to read this book before its sequel is released.

Has anyone else read this book?

Series Completed in 2021 I Have NOT Started Yet (It Gets Worse as You Scroll Downward)

You all can scold me for delaying these series.

I’m just going to take my time with my TBR stack. Knowing that I can and will read through some of these books alongside some of the ones coming out this year (2022), will make the process less overwhelming. This is coming from someone who read several books at one time.

And no, I did NOT forget about the indie authors. I own most of their books in ebook format and I did NOT want to overload this post. Besides the indie ARCs I’m reading through, I do want to read the finalists for both the SPFBO 7 and the SPSFC 1.

I hope I find time to read many of the books in my TBR stack. I believe if I take my reading in smaller bundles, then maybe I won’t feel so overwhelmed by it. Back to reading.

Which books from 2021 have you not read yet? Which books/series from my stack should I read (and/or complete) first?

9 thoughts on “Books Released in 2021 I Did NOT Get to Read in 2021

  1. My post like this is going up on Tuesday, it’s such a hard post to write because I feel so bad! I also have The Library of the Dead on my list. I highly recommend finishing The Bone Ships, omg that series is so good😁

  2. Along the Saltwise Sea is a 2021 release I haven’t got to yet but plan to – I received a copy for Christmas. The Last Cuentista was not on my radar until very recently – I actually read it at the start of the month. I also have The Bone Shard Emperor currently checked out from the library…not sure if I’ll get to it before it has to go back. Hope you find some five star reads among these titles!

  3. Wish I’d gotten to The Pariah too! And I like making lists like this, because I get so many books in a year invariably a bunch I’m interested in fall through the cracks. Sometimes I just need a reminder or to set some goals to bump them back up my priority list!

  4. I’m just going to start pulling up your blog before going to the library so I know which books to check out and request! But you seriously need to read the Jade City books 😍

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