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Reading Check-In: June 4, 2022

I know this is another listing, but I’ve finished reading some great books and I wanted to share them with you all before posting my reviews of them (which, I still need to write).

What have you finished reading recently?

This was a cute take on “Black Girl Magic,” and readers older than the middle grade targeted audience will enjoy this book, too.

A brilliant follow up to one of my favorites books of 2021! This time the focus is on “Snow White.”

This book does NOT suffer from “middle book syndrome.” The world-building, the magic system, and the character development work well within this narrative. Once again, the narrator of the audiobook did an amazing job! I’m looking forward to reading Book 3.

I thought I knew what was going to happen in this finale to this creepy trilogy about clones. I WAS WRONG and I couldn’t be happier about that! It takes A LOT to shock me with a twist within a narrative. Take Thompson did an excellent job tying all of the plots together and ending them. Fans and readers of this series will NOT be disappointed.

What are you reading currently?

This is a dark historical fantasy novel that’s the first in a trilogy. And apparently, the name of the author of this book is rumored to be an alias. Who could it be?

I’m still reading this book, and I’m loving it!

I’m hoping to finish this book by the end of this month, but who knows what will happen.

What will you read next?

While I’m tempting to jump into the Summer 2022 releases, I do want to finish my current reads because I’m starting to put them off before finishing them in order to read the rest of my TBR, which isn’t helping me at all. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to reading the following books:

SCKA 2022

I’m starting to narrow down my selections for the finalists in the categories I’m judging. I do plan on reading and judging ALL of the categories. However, in my opinion, it would not surprise me to learn there are more than 2-3 finalists in some of the categories. In other words, I’m expecting a bit of chaos to occur during the finals.

Book Haul

Thank you Redhook and Orbit for the following books:

Kelly Barnhill is an author whose books have caught my attention recently. She has another book which comes out in early 2023; but for now, I’m going to read these books before the end of this year.

I should be posting my book reviews again starting next week. Also, we’re approaching the midpoint of this year, so I’ll be posting my Mid-Year Update July 4th weekend.

What are your recent and current reads?

4 thoughts on “Reading Check-In: June 4, 2022

  1. I just finished A Mirror Mended and loved it! And I’m currently reading Ordinary Monsters, which is really good too. Looks like you have lots of good books coming up😁

  2. Lots of good stuff in this post! I have a digital ARC of Book of The Gothel & am really looking forward to it. I also really want to read When Women Were Dragons…I’ve seen it making rounds and have seen all positive things about it. I hope you like it!

  3. Aww I intended to read Wildseed Witch in time for its publication, but my reading slump earlier in the year upended all plans. Sounds like it’s a good one.
    I’d like to check out Ordinary Monsters and Kaikeyi. And it’s the first I’m seeing Monsters We Defy, so I’m going to look that up.

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