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The Midpoint of 2022: Favorite Speculative Fiction Books So Far & Other Reads

Once again, we’re at the halfway point in the calendar year. And for me, A LOT has happened since the start of 2022. I’m working full-time and I’m participating in an awards panel, so my reading is a bit behind. I’ve finished 42 of the 100 books I’m aiming to read by the year’s end. I’ve managed to read some of 2022’s book releases while catching up on what I’ve missed out on in recent years.

2022 Releases

Review for The Discord of Gods.

Review for Where the Drowned Girls Go.

Review for A Mirror Mended.

Review for Giving the Devil His Due.

Review for Wildseed Witch.

Review for The River of Silver.

Books I’ve Read Finally

Review for The Fires of Vengeance.

Review for The Liar’s Knot.

Books I’m Currently Reading

SCKA 2022

The preliminary reading period is coming to a close, and there were A LOT of nominees to read through. When the time comes, the other judges and I will announce and post our selections for the finalists.

Here’s my post about this year’s nominees. Below are some of the MANY nominees for 2022!

(Some of the Many) Books I Want to Read By the End of This Year

I know I have more books in my TBR than there are hours in a day. However, I can hope to read at least some of my remaining Anticipated Books of 2022, and the ones that caught my attention.

I know my ambitions are to be admired. Do you blame me for wanting to read as many of this year’s releases by the end of the same calendar year? Will reading these books help me reach my reading goal of 100 books? Which books should I read before the end of this year?

How’s your reading coming along after the 1st half of 2022?

10 thoughts on “The Midpoint of 2022: Favorite Speculative Fiction Books So Far & Other Reads

  1. I’m curious to see what you think of Ordinary Monsters, I loved it! I also want to read When Women Were Dragons😁

    1. I’m enjoying “Ordinary Monsters” a lot; and, the beginning of “When Women Were Dragons” is very immersive. I’m looking forward to finishing both books.

  2. You’ve got such great taste in books! 😍 I’ve read a few of the ones that you’re hoping to get to, and I hope you love them as much as I did, and so many of the ones you’ve listed are on my TBR.

    1. The feeling about the year being half gone is mutual. On that note, you’ve read many books that are still on my TBR! Let’s continue to help each other out with the endless reading!

  3. I definitely want to read Blood Scion at some point–the cover is a real attention grabber in my opinion! And I have When Women Were Dragons waiting for me to pick up at my local bookstore. I rage bought it during all the SCOTUS announcements haha.

      1. My bookstore posted books on their IG stories after that ruling that they thought might appeal to those who didn’t agree with the ruling haha. I was like, yes please! Plus I’ve seen so many good reviews about it over the past couple months that I thought why the heck not.

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