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SCKA 2022: The Finalists

This year’s preliminary round took a bit longer for obvious reasons, but the other judges/bookbloggers and I voted on our picks for the finalists for the Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards 2022. And, some of the categories are a bit chaotic because there are more than 2 finalists in some of the categories; not to mention, one of the finalists for “Best Series” is…expansive to say the least.

The remaining judges and I are going to be busy throughout the rest of the summer re-reading the finalists so we can vote with these narratives fresh in our minds. It’s going to be a close one. If there is more than 1 winner in at least one of the categories, then it wouldn’t surprise me. Then again, it wouldn’t be a “chaotic” awards without some form of chaos.

Here are the finalists based on our votes:

Finalists for Best Fantasy Novel

My review of The Unbroken.

My review of She Who Became the Sun.

Finalists for Best Sci-Fi Novel

My review of Shards of Earth.

Finalists for Best Blurred Boundaries Novel

Finalists for Best Debut Novel

Finalists for Best Young Adult Novel

My review of The Gilded Ones.

Finalists for Best Series

My review of Witchmark.

Finalists for Best Graphic Novel

Finalists for Best Novella

Finalists for Best Shorts

I’m not going to lie to you, any of these finalists could be the winner. Personally, I’ve enjoyed reading all of this year’s nominees. Now that the final rounds are underway, not only do I need to immerse myself more into each finalist, but also I need to analyze each finalist so I can determine which one stands out the most to me. In other words, I’ll have to dissect each book similar to how I write my reviews.

To the authors and the publishers, congratulations on making the finals. Everyone, wish us luck as we begin the final round!

Who will win SCKA 2022?! We’ll all have to wait and see!

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