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Reading Check-In: August 6, 2022

What have you finished reading recently?

I read 2 books from my “Current Reads” and I finished 2 books thanks to audiobooks (and 2 mini road trips).

You can read my review of this book here.

You can read my review of this book here.

What are you reading currently?

I know, I shouldn’t keep starting other books before I’m close to completing the other ones. I do have a good reason for jumping into reading this book, but you all will have to wait to learn why.

I do plan on finishing these books from my “Current Reads” A.S.A.P. Then, I’ll finish reading the next set of books I started, but not finished yet. I’m getting there.

What will you read next?

Sadly, this might be the only sci-fi book released in 2022 I’ll get to read this year. I’m a bit disappointed in myself.

Other Books I’ve Read Recently

This is a brilliant prequel to The Hate U Give. The unspoken questions we had about the adults from that book are answered in this one.

SCKA 2022

As you all know from my previous post, all of us on the SCKA 2022 Panel have voted for the Finalists. Now, we’re reading/re-reading each Finalist to determine who will win. As I mentioned before, some of the categories are chaotic already; and, I expect a tie in at least 1-2 categories!

I’m not sure when the Winners will be announced, but you all won’t have to wait too long. And, we will announce it on our blogs and on our social media.

Book Haul

ARCs from Other Genres of Literature I Hope to Read Soon

Library Reads

As a librarian, one of my responsibilities is to lead Book Club Discussions. These are the books for the remainder of 2022 that I have read or I will be reading for work (and from my TBR!).

On top of all of my reading, I started outlining my draft for my 250th Blog Post! What’s the topic? You’ll have to wait and see!

5 thoughts on “Reading Check-In: August 6, 2022

  1. Ooooh, you have some books on here that I read and absolutely loved, and even more that I can’t wait to read. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Ordinary Monsters, and I’m incredibly jealous that you have a copy of The Witch and the Tsar, which made my list of NetGalley rejections that crushed my soul!

    1. I believe with all the bookbloggers around, it’s become easier for publishers to determine which ones will read the galleys over other ones. Since I keep getting denied for some of the “hyped” books, I’m granted the more “buzzworthy” ones.

      Also, begging the author for a galley helps, too.

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