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SCKA 2022: The Winners

It’s a wrap on the Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards 2022! After months of reading, deliberating, and voting the judges, including myself, have chosen this year’s winners. Out of the 14 judges, 11 of us were able to participate in the vote; and, the winners were announced during this year’s Fantasy Con (hosted by The British Fantasy Society).

There were A LOT of nominees, and new categories which is why it took longer for the judges to read through the preliminary round. Then, the finalists proved why the word “chaos” is in the name of the award. In some of the categories, we had more finalists than we thought we were going to have; but, that made it all the more interesting and fun. It’s somewhat of a miracle that we only had one tie in this year’s winners.

For me, I was honored I was asked to return as a judge; and, it gave me a chance to catch up on reading what I’ve missed the previous year. In addition, it was great knowing that many of our nominees and our finalists mirrored what the “larger” awards were nominating. Not to mention, the authors and the publishers are starting to take notice of this awards, which is great news for us. We’re not as large as SPFBO and as SPSFC, but as bookbloggers (who are not trying to tie this awards towards Goodreads) it feels good to know our love and our work within this literary genre is starting to gain recognition within the speculative fiction community.

Here are the Winners of the Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards 2022:

Best Fantasy

Best Science Fiction

Best Blurred

Best Debut

Best Young Adult

Best Series

Best Novella

Best Graphic Novel (Tie)

Best Short Story

Homecoming Is Just Another Word For The Sublimation Of The Self

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the Winners of the SCKA 2022!

Yes, I recommend you read any and all of these winners! And, if you have time, then I recommend you read the nominees as well because many of those were close to being voted as this year’s finalists or winners.

I enjoyed participating and interacting with all of the judges; and, thank you to authors and to the publishers for taking interest in this awards and providing copies of the books some of us needed for reading and for judging. I hope I am able to participate in next year’s SCKA because I already have some books I’ve read so far that I know I’ll nominate for 2023! That goes to show you that the chaos never dissipates.

See you all again in 2023!

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