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TV Episode Review: “His Dark Materials”: “Lyra and Her Death”

Mrs. Coulter returns to the “World of Daemons” in the Intention Craft is stole from Asriel and The Republic of Heaven. However, she learns she didn’t travel alone with only her daemon for company. Mrs. Coulter turns herself to The Magisterium and, “His Grace,” Cardinal MacPhail. 

            Meanwhile, Lyra, Pan, and Will enter the Land of the Dead. But, before they can go further inside the “building,” they are noticed for “not being dead.” They are sent to the equivalent of a “waiting room” with other individuals—from other worlds—who “wandered” into the Land of the Dead, too. While in the room, the trio learns that there is someone who can lead them to the shores where passage to the heart of the Land of the Dead lies. That someone tells Lyra the same warning Iorek and Balthamos gave her about where she wants to go: “None of the Living have Ever Returned from There.” 

            Back at the Magisterium, Cardinal MacPhail has had his prayers answered by The Authority, who in turn tells him what he should do next. The plan is almost ready to commence. He needs one thing to help activate it, and the person who has it is nearby.

            Mrs. Coulter pleads her case to the Cardinal. With a little help, she reunites with an old colleague and her fears are justified. Mrs. Coulter decides she must return to Asriel, but it turns out someone else was ahead of her plans the entire time.

            Lyra, Pan and Will follow their guide to the docks where a boat and its driver are waiting for those who needs to cross. He gives Lyra and Will the same warning, but he is willing to take them across. Unfortunately, Pan is told something different, and Lyra has to make the most heart wrenching decision yet. 

            This episode is part buildup and part plot driven. Mother and daughter decide to act on their instincts knowing the potential consequences for their actions. However, each one knows what they’re doing is the right thing to do. The question remains: once they find themselves trapped at their destinations, how will they find their way out? 

My Rating: 10 out of 10. 

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