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TV Episode Review: “His Dark Materials”: “The Clouded Mountain”

Lord Asriel’s army make their final preparations for the Last Battle with Metatron and his army. Serafina Pekkala tells Asriel, Mrs. Coulter, Commander Ogunwe, and Xaphania that Lyra and Will’s daemons must be reunited with them before Metatron finds out and uses them to control the children; especially now that Lyra has completed one part of the prophecy. 

            Asriel tells Mrs. Coulter of how he plans to take down Metatron for good. Mrs. Coulter questions his methods and whether or not he will be able to follow through with it. Both of them agree that this is the best plan they have so their daughter can succeed in her quest. The war is no longer just about defeating The Authority and Metatron, it’s about keeping Lyra, and Will, safe. Mrs. Coulter asks Xaphania for more insight as to what she must do for Lyra, and Xaphania gives her advice to Mrs. Coulter. Asriel hypes up his army with a speech. 

            Lyra and Will settle away from where the cut the window in the Land of the Dead. They form a plan to reunite with their daemons. Will cuts into the World where they are, which happens to be the same World Asriel’s Republic have gathered. Asriel uses that moment to begin his attack. 

            Serafina’s daemon, Kaisa, locates Lyra and Will’s daemons. Serafina heads over to them before Metatron’s forces can get to them. Mrs. Coulter prepares for her role in the battle. 

            Lyra and Will make their way through the World realizing they are caught up in the battle and their daemons are in danger. Both Commander Ogunwe and Serafina Pekkala fight their way to get the children reunited with their daemons.

            Mrs. Coulter makes her way towards Metatron. Lord Asriel notices and leaves the battle in order to join her in confronting Metatron, only to find himself alone (and without Stelmaria) in his stronghold. Metatron confirms his past identity, which Asriel knew already. Metatron tempts both individuals with what he believes they want—Mrs. Coulter with power and Asriel with truth—hoping that one of them will betray the other one. 

            Lyra and Will make it to the Tower shortly after their daemons arrive. It’s a bittersweet reunion because the children’s daemons are still upset that they left them. Will cuts a new window to where their daemons will be safe, just as Mrs. Coulter’s daemon appears. Lyra’s parents make their final stand against Metatron.

            Readers of the books will note the significant difference between the battle in the books and the battle in this episode. Yes, it can be debated that the budget was not enough to give us the “epic scale” battle scene we got use to in Game of Thrones. Yet, the episode still provided all of the scenes that were needed. 

            The actors—especially James MacAvoy, Ruth Wilson, and those who did the voices of the daemons—did spectacular work in this episode. Now, that the penultimate episode has aired, the question remains: now, that the war is over, what will the survivors do next? 

My Rating: 10 out of 10.

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