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Books I Didn’t Get to Read in 2022, But I Hope to Do So in 2023

We’re in a new year, which means new books; and, a look at the books from the previous year that we missed out on. This is a new list containing new books. If you want to see the books from 2021 that were on my 2022 list, then click here for that list.

Remember in my first Reading Check-In of this year when I stated that I want approximately half of my 50 book goal to be from my backlog/TBR stack? There are reasons for that. First, I want to catch up on some of what I didn’t get to last year (and, in the years before). Second, it feels good to know that you can catch up on some of what you fell behind on from the previous year–I did manage to catch up on a few books from 2021 and I’m glad I made time to read those books.

As for the rest of 2022’s releases, well a lot happened and a lot did not happen. My TBR Backlog gets longer and longer; but, I’m hoping to reduce it even by a slight amount. And no, it won’t interfere with my reviews.

Please Note: This list contains speculative fiction books. There are books from other genres with books released in 2022 that I want to read in 2023. I’ll mention those books as I complete them.

Standalone Books I Need to Complete

Standalone Books I Want to Read

Series I Started

Series I Need to Continue or Catch Up or Complete

(Not from 2022, but a new novella is supposed to be published later this year, so I might as well make time to read the novel.)

(I don’t know why I keep reading each book in this series during the year after its release. Hopefully, I won’t do that with the upcoming final book.)

Series I Want to Start

Remember, this list is in addition to my Anticipated Books for this year, too! And, there are some indie books I’m hoping I’ll get to read in the same year of its release. Not to mention, there are books I have to read for work as well. Then, there are the ebooks which would have made this post twice as long than I intended, hence the omission. I’m waiting for the announcements regarding all of the bookblogger awards–such as SPFBO, SPSFC, SCKA, etc.–hoping to read some of those finalists as well.

Lowering my Reading Challenge (from 100 books to 50 books) should reduce some of the pressure I put on myself, which should allow me to focus on reading through my TBR Backlist.

Which books from this post have you read? Which books from this post have you not read yet? Do you have any recommendations on what I should read next? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Reading Everyone!

13 thoughts on “Books I Didn’t Get to Read in 2022, But I Hope to Do So in 2023

  1. I’ve read the Moon Goddess series and loved it. I hope you get a chance to read all these books in 2023

  2. Babel and The Shadow of the Gods are both on my TBR I’ve made myself for the year that I’m determined to get to. You have a lot of others here that I’d really love to read, too. Hope you make a big dent in your TBR, and that you enjoy them all!!

  3. Damn that’s a list. Of which I’ve read… nil pois.

    I might take another stab at Black Wolf Red Leopard though. Also that Alan Moore book looks good. Also I should give Ed MacDonald another go, and maybe try Martell, and…

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