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Hello from Boskone!


Hello everyone! I apologize for another non-review post; but currently, I’m attending the Boskone 60 Convention in Boston! This is the first in-person Con I’ve been able to attend since before the pandemic. It’s amazing when you recall how much fun these events are and why authors, writers, and fans attend them.

So far, I got to meet P. Deli Clark, Andrea D. Hairston, Zin E. Rocklyn, Esther Friesner, and Jane Yolen (some of them recognize me from my work!). I’m hoping to meet Katherine Arden, C.S.E. Cooney, Carlos Hernandez, Max Gladstone and other authors. Listening to their discussions and their advice about writing and publishing reminds you of how much things have and have not changed in the industry. This is one of the reasons why literacy and literary freedom have become such hot topics in recent years.

So far, I’ve gotten all of the books I’ve brought and I’ve bought signed! And, I’ve been keeping myself under control when it comes to buying books (I have to be able to carry my luggage back home). Yet, there are some books you have to get no matter what (or how much it costs).

You never know who you’re going to meet, or what you’re going to find (and to buy)!!!

There isn’t anything else for me to say except that now Cons are back to being in-person, we should take advantage of attending them again. I say this because there are several other Cons which don’t seem to be returning at all (i.e. BookExpo). Now that I’m attending this one, I’m remembering how much fun they are and how informative they can be for (inspiring) writers and for fans. And yes, some of the panels are virtual and/or hybrid, which demonstrates the benefits of having these Cons available for everyone everywhere.

Which Cons are you looking forward to attend in the future?

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