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Reading Check-In: April 1, 2023

March was a very productive month for me. As you will see, I managed to finish reading some books and start and/or pickup other books.

What have I finished reading recently?

This is a brilliant start to a new series by Shannon Chakraborty. Did the author drop a hint for how many books there will be in this series???

This is the book for the Teen Book Club at my job. This is a verse novel (for National Poetry Month), which is a follow up to Amber McBride’s debut (verse) novel. This is a poignant narrative about dealing with grief and the guilt over the death of a loved one.

I’m so glad I read the eARC of this book. It’s a brilliant historical fiction/witch narrative about a lineage of women who struggle to balance their inheritance with gender role expectations.

I am participating in a Buddy Read with Shauna Lawless. We chose to read The Celestial Kingdom Duology by Sue Lynn Tan. Last month, we read Daughter of the Moon Goddess, which is an amazing debut (seriously?!) book. I don’t want to give away too much about this book, but the character development and the action within the narrative was excellent and engaging. Every time you believe the narrative is heading in one direction, something (very believable) occurs which keeps your attention on the story. I’m looking forward to reading Heart of the Sun Warrior this month.

What am I reading right now?

This sequel takes place a few weeks after the events in Wildseed Witch. This book focuses on the “larger witch community” the protagonist and her coven are members of and who they continue to learn how to control their “charm.”

Last year, I started this book and I finished Part One before “stopping.” I decided to finish this book through audiobook. I’m familiar with the epic story of Ramayana, so I’m very much engaged with the backstory the author created for her protagonist.

I picked up where I left off in this book and this is one of the few times where the mystery has more of my attention than the “magic.” Then again, who doesn’t enjoy a great mystery (in a story)? And yes, I am looking forward to reading the sequel to this book.

What will I read next?

I’m looking forward to reading this sequel as the Buddy Read continues!

This is the selection for the Teen Book Club for May.

I will start this book before the beginning of the summer! Besides, the ending of The Unbroken leaves too much anticipation for what’s to come in the sequel!

SCKA 2023

The other judges and I will be participating in the Preliminary Round for the next few months. It’s going to be another close year.

Book Haul/ARCs

I made a video on my TikTok channel about this book.

So far, I’m been able to keep up with the reading goals I gave myself for this year. I catching up with the books I missed from last year, reading as many of this year’s releases as I can, and reading the books for the SCKA 2023 Preliminary Round.

As for book reviews, I might have to make a post in the near future explaining why I keep falling behind on writing them.

How has your reading been going?

4 thoughts on “Reading Check-In: April 1, 2023

  1. I’m so curious about the Sword Defiant. I just started it, only a few pages in, and am interested because of the sword.

    1. It’s an excellent beginning of a new series! And, the author hinted that the story takes place “hundreds of years before the events in the ‘Daevabad series’”! So exciting!

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