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Reading Check-In: June 3, 2023

Good news! This month, I had a much more productive reading month than I did last month. Yes, I read 2 books, but I’m reading 3 other ones and I’m still reading books for judging.

What have I finished reading recently?

This is the latest book I selected and read for the Teen Book Club at my job at the library. The author presents a very believable portrayal of all of the characters (mostly 12 year-old girls) and the circumstances which led to the conflict in the story.

Jerry Craft has done it again! He wrote an entertaining yet motivational story about the school days of some of our favorite student characters. This time, the students head off on the annual 8th grade school trip; but, not all of Jordan’s classmates are going to the same place. Add in some mischief from other students and Jordan Banks and his friends find themselves in a bit of a predicament for their trip.

What am I reading now?

I’m almost done with this debut novel (thank you Flatiron Books for sending this book to me). This is a space thriller in which a crew of young woman were “chosen” to embark on a mission to travel to a new planet to “populate” it and to make it habitable for humanity. After surviving the stasis, the protagonist and the other members of the crew are carrying on with their duties, when an explosion kills a few crew members and throws the spaceship off-course. Not only is everyone on the ship–and back on Earth–are suspects, but also they need to figure out who betrayed the mission as they try to get the spaceship back on-course. Even with less than 100 pages left in this book, I still cannot figure out who was responsible for the explosion and why. The ending is going to be VERY interesting!

Finally, I started reading this thick tome. I started listening to the audiobook when I was planting my garden; and, 8 hours of listening has my approximately 20% into the story. But so far, it’s SO GOOD! All I can say about this novel is that it is character driven, the storyline is a combination of contemporary fiction and science fiction (there is A LOT of science in this book), and the narration shifts back-and-forth between the “present” and the “future.” I’m looking forward to reading (and listening) to the rest of this book, or the next ~200 pages.

My Buddy Read with Shauna Lawless continues. Now, we’re reading our way through Heart of the Sun Warrior, the sequel to Daughter of the Moon Goddess. Unlike myself, Shauna’s review of the first book in this duology is available to read on her site(?). I did start this book, and there is a HUGE SHOCK in this book, which snags your attention in a similar matter to the first book, but the urgency is more imperative this time around. I hope the narrative doesn’t falter in this sequel.

What will I read next?

I’m looking forward to reading the eARC of this author’s sophomore novel. I enjoyed her debut mythological retelling, so I’m already excited to read this book about 2 historical figures I’ve never heard of before. But, if I’m not learning anything while I’m reading, then what’s the point of doing it?

I did start reading the eARC of this book; and, so far, all of the elements I enjoyed from the first book can be found again in this sequel. Instead of the summer camp/witching school/finishing school, the protagonist is learning how to control her magic amongst her non-magical friends and at school. Not to mention, the protagonist is still confronting “issues” from camp that has found its way into her school. What is a gifted, yet inexperienced young witch supposed to do?


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Book Hauls & ARCs (Physical Books)

Giveaway Prize

Thank you to the author for selecting me as one of the winners of this giveaway. I will be reading this book very soon.

Patreon Purchase

I’m curious to read this book whose plot reminds me of Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon. Believe it or not, I learned about this book on Kirkus‘ website. When I learn about the Kickstarter campaign for this debut novel, I donated towards the project–the Goal was met–and now the book has been released. The ebook edition is priced fairly, and I believe I will enjoy this book. I hope more curious readers decide give this book a chance. For now, I will let you all know what my thoughts are about this book as I read it.

From the Publishers

Thank you Orbit for sending these ARCs to me!

I’m VERY EXCITED to read this book! Thank you Wednesday Books for sending this highly anticipated (my opinion) ARC to me!


I still need to read Babel.

Yes, I started reading the eARCs I received of both books below.


I’ve been waiting for these scholarly journals to arrive for over a year!

I’m curious to know what the late Terry Pratchett has to say about writing and the fantasy genre.

I hope to keep up with all of the reading I want to and still need to do. I have a few more books to read through for SCKA; but otherwise, I believe I shouldn’t have too many days when I’m not up for reading. One day at a time.

What have you been reading or have read recently? Are you experiencing a reading slump?

6 thoughts on “Reading Check-In: June 3, 2023

  1. I’m excited that you’re enjoying The Deep Sky. I’ll be reading it next month. And you’re the second person who has talked about The Deluge, and now I need a copy!

    1. “The Deep Sky” is an amazing book, and I’m hoping to finish it by the end of this weekend.

      “The Deluge” begins with a character-driven narrative, but it’s very, very good!

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