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2023 “First in a Series” Releases I Plan on Reading Before the end of the Year

I apologize in advanced for another “list” post, but I decided to make this post to remind myself and everyone who might read this that I am working my way through my “2023 Release TBR,” while reading through all of the other books on my TBR stack, including the ones for work.

Here is a (very) short list of the “first in a series” I hope to read before the end of this year.

This debut novel, and first in a duology, was released at the beginning of this year; and, I did start reading the eARC given to me. Without reiterating my hectic life during the last few months, I’ll state simply that I haven’t made much progress with this book, yet. I did purchase an ebook edition of this book; then, I won a giveaway on Instagram by the author (yes, she did sign it). So yes, I will be reading this book A.S.A.P.

One of my goals for 2023 is making sure I read a few science fiction books. The Protectorate series by Megan E. O’Keefe is one of my favorite space operas I’ve read (I’m still working my way through The Final Architecture trilogy by Adrian Tchaikovsky) in recent years. Hence, I want to read the first book in her latest series, The Devoured Worlds. It’s a bit darker than the author’s previous sci-fi trilogy, but I’m still very excited to read it.

Gareth Hanrahan blew me away with The Black Iron Legacy series. And, I’ve been looking forward to reading this first entry in his Lands of the Firstborn series. I’ve heard excellent things about this book, which doesn’t surprise me because his stories balance excellent characters within an intriguing setting with an ominous tone all in one book/series. If this book contains similar story elements we read in the author’s first series, then I know we’re in for an entertaining read from him.

Even though I still need to read the Book of the Ice trilogy, I feel more drawn to reading this starter in Mark Lawrence’s new series. And no, I’m not interested in reading this book because I’m a librarian and one of the settings is a “strange” library. I did read the first few chapters in this book, and I forgot how the author loves to “shock” his readers at the beginning of the series in order to clue us in as to what to expect throughout the rest of the series.

Now, I haven’t read James Islington’s The Licanius Trilogy, yet (I’ve heard great things about it), but it seems like his sophomore series will bring about all of the remaining readers who haven’t read his books yet either. I read a good portion of the beginning of this book, and I’m past the part where I’m reminded of reading the Nevernight Chronicles by Jay Kristoff. Now, I’m at the part where the “dark academic” plot of the book picks up. I’ve heard about the “shocking ending” towards the end of this book, and I’m looking forward to it; that is, if I don’t figure out what’s going to happen before it happens. There are A LOT of pieces being laid out in this book, and it’s only the first one! This book could be my favorite of this year alongside Petrik Leo. I’ll have to finish this book and determine that for myself.

As you can see, this is the (very) short list of books I hope to read (and to finish) before the end of 2023. Some of you are ahead with your reading plans. Which book should I start with next?

6 thoughts on “2023 “First in a Series” Releases I Plan on Reading Before the end of the Year

  1. I’m curious about Daughters of Izdihar too, but Sword Defiant didn’t work out for me unfortunately. I’d love to see what you think of it though. And I’m looking forward to that Mark Lawrence book. I already got a copy.

  2. Definitely stick with The Will of the Many – it’s a brick but totally worth it! After I finish my current read, I’ll be starting The Sword Defiant, I’ve heard some great things about it!

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