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The Midpoint of 2023: Favorite Speculative Fiction Books So Far & Other Reads

We made it to the halfway point of 2023.

So far, I’ve read and finished 22 out of the 50 books of my Reading Goal; and, 6 of them (speculative fiction) were released this year. Yes, I know I’ve been slower with my book reviews now more than ever; but, many of you know I’ve been balancing my career as a librarian with my bookblogging and with my writing of both fiction and nonfiction works. These are the reasons why I shrunk my Reading Goal from 100 to 50. And honestly, it’s a relief to know that I can aim to complete my reading goals without feeling pressured to do so.

That being said, here’s what I’ve read and I’m reading in 2023.

Books I’ve Finished Reading in 2023 (Released in 2023)

My review.

My review.

My review.

My review.

My review.

Review is in the works.

A shoutout to Jerry Craft for nailing it for a THIRD time!!!

Books I’ve Managed to Finish Reading (from Recent Years)

Review is Pending. I’m looking forward to reading Book 2!

My review.

One of my Library Reads.

Buddy Read with Shauna.

I’m Currently Reading…

I plan on finishing this book before the end of this year!

I’m enjoying this book; yet, I’m hoping the “shocking twist” towards the end of it isn’t a letdown.

I’m enjoying the author’s sophomore novel.

So far, this is a cute sequel to the first book in the series.

I know Mark Lawrence won’t let me down with his latest series!

Part 2 of my Buddy Read with Shauna.

Some of the many books I plan on reading before the end of the year.

The fourth and final book in this series comes out later this year, so I need to read Book 3 first.

I keep putting off this book, but the sequel (it’s a duopoly) comes out towards the end of this year.

Book Adaptations You Should Consider Watching

Last year, HBO aired Season 3 of His Dark Materials, which is my Favorite Book Series from my childhood. I wrote a review for each episode, but I didn’t write and post my review of the entire season until earlier this year. Please take a look at my review of this final season and please consider watching the show.

SCKA 2023

It’s getting close to when the other judges and I voted on which books will be our Finalists in this year’s SCKA. Although I’m judging fewer categories for the Preliminary Round, I do plan on reading ALL of the Finalists in ALL of the categories.

Other Posts I’ve Written This Year

My Thoughts on A.I.

My Thoughts Regarding what Happened to Brandon Sanderson

The Rest of 2023

Besides my Reading Goals and my participation in SCKA 2023, I plan on catching up with all of the book reviews I need to write. I’m hoping the upcoming Blog Tours I registered for will provide the push I need. Not to mention, I have another Milestone Post coming up and I need to write it (yes, I now the topic of the essay). In all, I believe I will at least complete my Reading Goal for 2023. As for everything else, I’ll take it step-by-step.

How’s your reading and your writing coming along at the midpoint of 2023?

5 thoughts on “The Midpoint of 2023: Favorite Speculative Fiction Books So Far & Other Reads

  1. Almost all the books on this list are also on my tbr but I’ve only read like four of them, lol. But those four are Fourth Wing, The Book That Wouldn’t Burn, Weyward, and The Will of the Many, all of which I enjoyed A LOT!

  2. I also lowered my Goodreads goal this year and now it says I’m 13 books ahead, so that makes me feel good😁 I hope to start The Deep Sky next week!

  3. My reading goal this year is 52 and I am dreadfully behind right now, but I am hopeful that I can get some more reading in. Def want to read more spec fic so thanks for this post!

    1. I suggest reading some of the speculative fiction graphic novels. They’re amazing reads and they will help you with your reading goal.

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