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An Announcement

As some of you have read it has been 10 years since I started up this blog; and, it has been 5 years since I started posting on a regular basis. In fact, during those 5 years I’ve been posting weekly. Weekly. Posts. For. Five. Years. Straight. I’m not complaining about these milestones because I’m impressed that I’ve been able to keep up with it for this long. However, there have been several changes in my life since I started this blog and since I started posting on a weekly basis.

When I started this blog, I was living in another state as a graduate student. It was recommended that I start blogging to share my ideas and to improve my writing; and, I’ve been succeeding at both. Now, I’m working full-time while maintaining this blog. I didn’t believe it would be that much of an issue, but I began to notice a few “changes” to my method of blogging (and, so have you).

First, I started to put off writing reviews of books I’ve just finished reading. Most of this was due to being limited on the free time I had to write them. Second, I started falling behind in reading the ARCs that were sent and/or granted to me. Yes, I managed to read some of what I received, but I did notice that I wasn’t reading at the same pace I had before which was upsetting me. Last, work does need to take precedence over my leisure reading. As a librarian, I participate in 2 book clubs at work throughout the year. In addition, I participate in bookblog awards and in other library events. In other words, the books I have to read for work and for blog related events are on a more strict deadline than the ones I read for blogging (except for Blog Tours). This means that I’ve been taking more time for reading instead of the balance between reading and writing I was maintaining before. I know that the publishers and the marketers who work there have been very understanding; but, I still feel guilty about falling behind on work.

I do understand that some of us do fall behind on work and on our projects. However, this has been going on for almost 2 years and I’m not even posting on the same day of the week anymore. I’ve ask other bloggers and they agree that I’m starting to experience the beginnings of burnout, which makes me nervous. I went through something similar with another medium, but I didn’t stop myself in time. The result ended up being me reducing my time participating in that activity immensely. Now, my interest is starting to pick up again. I do NOT want that to happen with reading and with blogging. In addition, it’s been pointed out to me that i haven’t given myself any time off (or a vacation) since before I started my new career.

As much as I don’t want to, I know the best decision for me right now is to take a long-term hiatus from blogging. However, I want to point out that I won’t be “halting” my blog. I plan on still posting my “Reading Check-Ins” and the upcoming winners of this year’s SCKA Awards. This way I can let everyone know what I’ve been reading, and it’ll give me time to read other bookblogger’s posts so that I can remain engaged within the community. Not to mention, I want to use the rest of the year to focus on some of my other writings, including submitting reviews to other sites since I’ve fallen behind on that as well.

So, unless I’m posting reviews for Blog Tours (one overdue review will be posted next weekend), or one of my Reading Check-Ins and/or other lists (such as my “Library Reads”), don’t expect much activity on this blog until the end of 2023. I do plan on having my annual “Best Speculative Fiction Books” at the end of this year and my annual “My Most Anticipated Speculative Fiction Books” list ready by the start of next year. There are one or two other ideas I want to share on this blog as well, but I need time to write those out. Meanwhile, I will be posting mini reviews of what I’m reading and what I’ve read on Goodreads and on social media. Hopefully, we can interact through those bookish community sites.

Thank you all for reading this announcement. I hope you all understand where I am coming from and why I made this decision. Until the above mentioned posts and/or the end of this year, I will see you on social media.

I will see you all here again soon.

15 thoughts on “An Announcement

    1. Thank you for understanding. I hope the vigor returns after the hiatus. I’ll be taking some of the time to work on my fiction (amongst everything else).

  1. You have to take care of you and your priorities as you set them. It isn’t like we (well I dont) get paid. So you need to take care of what does. And you are a librarian! It isn’t like you aren’t surrounded by books. I’ll miss you but wish you all the best.

      1. Hey look. Even not working full time I took a two year hiatus. Doing it while working full time is wonderwoman level to me. You’ve done a lot.

      2. It’s amazing what we’re capable of doing when we don’t notice. Once the exhaustion builds up you are baffled and impressed by how long you lasted doing everything you were doing.

  2. Totally understand the need to step. It’s been becoming a bit difficult sometimes to find time to blog/blog hop lately due to other responsibilities I have. Hope the hiatus helps.

  3. You are doing the smart thing in giving yourself some time and space just to rest. I hope you feel energised and refreshed for the break. 💖

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