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An Analysis of the Genre: Grimdark, Horror & Dark Fantasy

NOTE: This post is a rewrite of an assignment I wrote for a graduate school course. If you would like to read the original essay, then click here. Also, this is written in APA Format. Speculative fiction is the general term used when describing books which fall under the genres of fantasy, science fiction and horror,… Continue reading An Analysis of the Genre: Grimdark, Horror & Dark Fantasy

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Bookblogger Appreciation Week: Thank You

This past week was Bookblogger Appreciation Week; and, while I participated in this recognition event, I did not know such a thing existed! Not to mention, I did NOT realize how many people read my reviews and my essays on my blog, and my other content (S.F.W.A., podcasts & Fantasy-Faction) elsewhere. We all went through… Continue reading Bookblogger Appreciation Week: Thank You