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Why You Need to Read: “The Year of the Witching”

The Year of the Witching By: Alexis Henderson Published: July 21, 2020 Genre: Dark Fantasy/Occult Fiction             Immanuelle had always felt a strange affinity for the Darkwood, a kind of stirring whenever she neared it. It was almost as though the forbidden wood sang a song that only she could hear, as though it was daring… Continue reading Why You Need to Read: “The Year of the Witching”

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TV Episode Review: “Deadly Class: Saudade”

Note: There are some minor spoilers in this review. You have been warned.              This episode was taken straight from the graphic novel! Anyone who has read the series knows what to expect from this episode of the television adaptation, and readers will not be disappointed. Yes, there was one minor change from the graphic novel… Continue reading TV Episode Review: “Deadly Class: Saudade”