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Being a Bookblogger: Technology Issues

This week's post is a rant regarding our e-readers. Many of you have been following my posts on Twitter regarding the latest "technological issue" with the Kindle app on my Samsung Tablet (I own a NOOK, too). For me, every other month the Kindle app on my e-readers "malfunctions" and I have to either sign-out… Continue reading Being a Bookblogger: Technology Issues

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Reading Check-In: October 23, 2021

What book have you finished reading recently? This debut novel lives up to all of the hype and the praises its been getting. Even if romance isn't your to-go genre, if you're a fan of Norse mythology, then you have to read this book. It gives an interesting picture of the Norse Pantheon from the… Continue reading Reading Check-In: October 23, 2021