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Why You Need to Read: “The Shadow Saint”

The Black Iron Legacy: Book 2: The Shadow Saint By: Gareth Hanrahan Published: January 7, 2020 Genre: Fantasy, Grimdark             Ten months ago, at the height of what some call the Crisis and others the Gutter Miracle, a new city exploded into being within Guerdon, (Chapter 2).             When you read a book that becomes one of your favorite… Continue reading Why You Need to Read: “The Shadow Saint”

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Why You Need to Read: “Velocity Weapon”

The Protectorate: Book 1: Velocity Weapon                           By: Megan E. O’Keefe                                        Audiobook: 18 hours 22 minutes Published: June 11, 2019                                  Narrated by: Joe Jameson Genre: Science Fiction/Space Opera I am called “The Light of Berossus,” the voice said, (Chapter 1, The Aftermath of the Battle of Dralee).  For every individual in a fandom, there is the moment, in which they were… Continue reading Why You Need to Read: “Velocity Weapon”