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Speculative Fiction Books that Kept My Interest in the Genre

Please note the title of this post refers to books! I will write a separate list containing movies, TV shows and video games related to speculative fiction sometime in the future. And, expect that list to consist of “originals,” not just media adaptations of books. Also, these are NOT my favorite speculative fiction books of… Continue reading Speculative Fiction Books that Kept My Interest in the Genre

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A Look Into: America’s Top 10 Books Based on “The Great American Read”

A look into PBS' Top 10 Books voted in "The Great American Read" and my selection and why it should win the vote.

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Why You Need to Read: Battle Royale: The Novel

  Battle Royale: The Novel By: Koushun Takami Translated by: Yuji Oniki Published: April 1999 (Japan); February 26, 2003 (in English) Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian/Horror   PLEASE NOTE: The following contains spoilers from this novel. You have been warned. Shuya took a moment to think before he received his black day pack, and he did the… Continue reading Why You Need to Read: Battle Royale: The Novel