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Why You Need to Read: “Chaos Vector”

The Protectorate: Book 2: Chaos Vector                                By: Megan E. O’Keefe                                                           Audiobook: 19 hours and 5 minutes Published: July 28, 2020                                                      Narrated by: Joe Jameson Genre: Science Fiction/Space Opera             “It’s been two years. Why would things escalate now?             Graham smiled slyly. “Because you’re back, kid. Two years and some change was about the time you disappeared, about the time Icarion… Continue reading Why You Need to Read: “Chaos Vector”

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TV Episode Review: “His Dark Materials”: “The Theft”

The episode opens with the devastation left behind by the Magisterium on the witches, who swear vengeance against them. However, the clans acknowledge that their priority is to search for Lyra Silvertongue before the Great War begins. Unfortunately, they have no idea where she could be.              Lee Scoresby continues his search for Lyra—in his world—by… Continue reading TV Episode Review: “His Dark Materials”: “The Theft”