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An Announcement

As some of you have read it has been 10 years since I started up this blog; and, it has been 5 years since I started posting on a regular basis. In fact, during those 5 years I've been posting weekly. Weekly. Posts. For. Five. Years. Straight. I'm not complaining about these milestones because I'm… Continue reading An Announcement

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A Reflection of My Writings

300th Post! 10 Years of Blogging! I had wanted to write another essay about a topic related to speculative fiction, then I noticed that I am in my 10th year of blogging. And, wow! 10 years of writing and blogging. It's amazing by how much time has past when it doesn't always feel like a… Continue reading A Reflection of My Writings

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In Defense of Brandon Sanderson and the Fantasy Literary Genre

For those of you who don’t know this about me, you should know for the context of this essay that I’m a former English Language Arts teacher and an Adjunct Professor in Writing Comprehension. Now, I work as a librarian and I continue to use my knowledge of the English language to write my essays,… Continue reading In Defense of Brandon Sanderson and the Fantasy Literary Genre

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My Favorite Speculative Fiction Narratives

***My 200th Blog Post!!!*** For this post, which marks a new milestone for me, I decided to discuss one of the most enjoyable—and the most dreadful—topics: favorites. We all know why favorites is a fun topic, but it can be daunting for opposing reasons: others have them as their favorites, they are ubiquitous, they are… Continue reading My Favorite Speculative Fiction Narratives

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Bookblogger Appreciation Week: Thank You

This past week was Bookblogger Appreciation Week; and, while I participated in this recognition event, I did not know such a thing existed! Not to mention, I did NOT realize how many people read my reviews and my essays on my blog, and my other content (S.F.W.A., podcasts & Fantasy-Faction) elsewhere. We all went through… Continue reading Bookblogger Appreciation Week: Thank You