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Book Stack: Frequent SFF Book Recommendations

This is a topic I've seen some of my fellow bookbloggers post on their sites. I thought it was an interesting topic and it got me thinking about some books, particularly speculative fiction books, I recommend to other individuals to read. And, believe it or not, I wrote down my list of 10 titles I… Continue reading Book Stack: Frequent SFF Book Recommendations

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Why You Need to Read: Battle Royale: The Novel

  Battle Royale: The Novel By: Koushun Takami Translated by: Yuji Oniki Published: April 1999 (Japan); February 26, 2003 (in English) Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian/Horror   PLEASE NOTE: The following contains spoilers from this novel. You have been warned. Shuya took a moment to think before he received his black day pack, and he did the… Continue reading Why You Need to Read: Battle Royale: The Novel